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What am I pondering?

July 8, 2013

It’s Monday.


Does anyone besides me eat cold pizza (for breakfast?)  Cold Chinese left-overs?  Cold sushi?  . . . Oh, never mind.


Am I the only adult who wants to have twinkle toe sneakers or flats?  Why don’t they make them in my size? Which happens to be 7.5 B in case you have a pair to sell.


Why is coconut crime pie so hard to find where I live?  Any kind of pie, really, which does not make sense to me because I live near Cleveland.  We are sort of mid-west (really we are on the Great Lakes and that is different), but still we should be all about all American pie.  Go to any nice restaurant in town and you will find creme brulee and chocolate lava cake on the menu (so last year if you ask me), but no PIE.


I don’t understand the concept of or inspiration for fish tacos.


I don’t understand why any restaurant would put roast turkey with dressing on the menu and then say that they have no cranberry sauce.

potato pancakes

I don’t understand why the server asks me if I would like sour cream or apple sauce with my potato pancakes, when the answer is obvious – both.


Why can’t auto makers devise a defroster for the windshield that works like the defroster on the rear window.  Would those wires really impede visibility?  Can’t they make the defrosting wires smaller, or transparent?  Is there really no way to create auto glass that won’t let the inside of the car heat up to the temperature of the surface of the sun?