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Whose birthday am I celebrating today?

June 7, 2012

Paul Gaugin, a leading painter in the post-impressionist movement was born on this day in 1848.  His name is often coupled to a desire to buck convention, pull up stakes and run away to become a lotus eater.  He did all of these things, leaving a career as a stockbroker and a wife and five children behind.  His interest, although not his training, was in art.  He began painting while still living in Europe, but found little success.  He acted on his frustration by sailing to the tropics and forsaking European culture and civilization.  His paintings became increasingly primitive in character.  He did not enjoy success even in paradise and died at the age of 54.


What mutiny do we commemorate today?

April 28, 2012

The ship was named the Bounty:  I was appointed to command her on the 16th of August, 1787. – William Bligh

Tyrannical leader – or captain of a crew of whiners and misfits – the answer is probably somewhere in the middle.  However the real story is not the mutiny that took place on April 28, 1789, but the voyage that came after.

The Bounty mutineers, after setting Bligh and 18 loyal crew members adrift, returned to Tahiti while some made their way to Pitcairn.  This is the story retold in the movies.

Bligh, however, succeeded in sailing his small open boat, across 3600 miles, taking 47 days, to the island of Timor.

The mutineers who remained on Tahiti were arrested and returned to England.  The mutineers on Pitcairn eluded capture.  Bligh went on to continued success in his career.  He was eventually promoted to Vice Admiral.  Don’t believe everything Hollywood tells you.