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What am I celebrating?

August 16, 2015


On August 16, the third annual BACON Festival takes place in Reykjavik Iceland.


This year’s event marks the third annual Reykjavik Bacon Festival, an exciting day in Reykjavik that bacon-lovers cannot resist. People from all over the world flock to the streets of Reykjavik to enjoy country music and the greasy, delectable taste of anything and everything bacon. At the festival, an array of chefs cook up a feast of bacon-inspired treats for everyone to try, including bacon sushi and bacon-flavored popcorn. At this family-friendly event, anyone can participate in various bacon-themed events and collect any recipes that entice them. This day is one for the books and one you should not miss. If you needed an excuse to get away to Reykjavik this summer, the Bacon Festival is certainly a worthwhile reason!

Here is a photo from last year’s event.

bacon 22