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Whose birthday am I noting?

June 21, 2015

Kent Maine-Headland-Winter

Rockwell Kent, born June 21, 1882

Rockwell Kent, artist, author, and political activist, had a long and varied career. During his lifetime, he worked as an architectural draftsman, illustrator, printmaker, painter, lobsterman, ship’s carpenter, and dairy farmer. Born in Tarrytown Heights, New York, he lived in Maine, Newfoundland, Alaska, Greenland, and the Adirondacks and explored the waters around Tierra del Fuego in a small boat. Kent’s paintings, lithographs, and woodcuts often portrayed the bleak and rugged aspects of nature; a reflection of his life in harsh climates.

kent mt equinox

Kent had an unusually long and thorough training as an artist. He was a student at the Horace Mann School in New York City and subsequently studied architecture at Columbia University, toward the end of which he felt a strong inclination toward painting and took up the study of art under William Merritt Chase at the Shinnecock Hills School. He studied later at the New York School, under Robert Henri and Kenneth Hayes Miller, and finally as an apprentice to Abbott Thayer at Dublin, New Hampshire. Henri encouraged him to go to Monhegan Island where Kent painted on his own. He was absorbed in the awesome power of the environment; nature’s timeless energy and contrasting forces influenced his work throughout his lifetime. His early and lasting relationship with the sea was portrayed again and again in his work.

Biography from The Plattsburgh State Art Museum.

kent north by east

kent Asgaard

kent mobydick1



Who do I see fading away?

April 21, 2014

fade 5

I am fascinated by the illustrations of Coles Phillips (1880-1927).  Phillips was an American illustrator who came to prominence in the early years of the 20th century.  His illustrations – many on the covers of Life, Good Housekeeping,and the Saturday Evening Post – gained popularity through his technique of leaving much to the imagination.

Labeled “fade-away” illustrations, his work often depicts young women whose clothing blend into the surroundings.  In his biography, The Making of an Illustrator, his widow explains,

His arrangements of the masses, small and large, were to him much more exciting than the color or the idea, or whether the girl was pretty.  Pure design, in other words, was his real love, and the fact that he made his reputation as a painter of pretty girls was more an accident than anything else.”

An illustrated biography can be found here.


fade 7

fade 4

fade 2

fade 6



Whose journal am I reading?

June 12, 2012

Queen Victoria’s journal – particularly her drawings, which I found charming. This serves as a reminder to me to Draw Something Every Day.  Not that my sketchbooks will be preserved like Queen Vickie’s are.  Just because.

Here are some samples of HRH’s work:

Referred to this site by Brain Pickings (always interesting postings)

Bonus material on Queen Victoria:  I did see her knickers at the Kent State Museum.  Think Victoria’s Tent Sale rather than Victoria’s Secret.