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What am I reading?

June 8, 2015

On a Semi-annual basis Japanese pharmacy company Aisei publishes a magazine called Health Graphic Magazine. The issues, which come out usually three times a year, are focused on a specific topic. They’re not long – usually around 23 pages – but utilize a wide array of creative methods that make it a joy and pleasure to learn about lack of sleep, sinus infections, stress, or whichever topic they happen to be focusing on.

aisei-health-graphic-magazine-5This issue on constipation features a peach that looks like a butt

aisei-health-graphic-magazine-7a waterfall of mucus humorously graces the cover of this issue on sinus infections

aisei-health-graphic-magazine-6traditional face painting creates an intriguing cover for this issue on high blood pressure

aisei-health-graphic-magazine-8This polar bear just can’t. Cover for issue on summer lethargy

aisei-health-graphic-magazine-9an issue focused on stress.

 All quotes and photos are from Spoon and Tomago