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What am I wondering about?

September 4, 2013


How did courgettes become zucchini, or vice versa?  Through my exhaustive research, I have found that: Courgette is a French dialectal, diminutive of courge, gourd, from Old French cohourde, from Latin curcurbita.  Zucchini? – same etymological root, but this time coming through Italy.

This vegetable (fruit) is also known as summer squash, vegetable marrow, marrow, and marrow squash, as well as courgettes and zucchini.

In Spain, they are called calabacín, in Polish – cukinia, in Portuguese – aboborinha, in Turkish – kabak,  in Croatian – tikvica, in Japanese – ズッキーニ, and in Arabic – كوسة

Love them, or not, here is a yummy-looking recipe from Frugal Feeding for chocolate cake that incorporates that ubiquitous green item that is the subject of this post.