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Where am I shopping?

June 16, 2015

Summer is fast approaching.  In my town, summer is that short interval when people venture out of doors, and the attractions of the city are briefly open.  One of these outdoor attractions is the Cleveland Flea that sets up in Tyler Village, an old industrial part of the city.

Here are some photos of a recent Flea:

DSC01852The location – note the interesting terra cotta motifs on the tops of these buildings.

DSC01842Some mid-century modern treasures.

DSC01832These boots are made for marching.

DSC01830A poor child being devoured by a shark.

DSC01851And food . . .


DSC01844I did not try these, but they sound interesting.

DSC01841I always wondered how they were made.


DSC01848Are ramps popular other places?

DSC01837I loved this little bakery trailer.

DSC01827And handsome crafts!

It was fun.  We’ll go back.