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Who is the Bakery Blogumentary about this time?

January 23, 2014


Following the demise of the favorite bakery of my childhood (Hough Bakery) it has been my quest to discover excellent bakeries in the Western Reserve, or in places to which I travel. These are the subject of the Bakery Blogumentary.

This time the Bakery Blogumentary features Blackbird Baking Company in Lakewood, Ohio.  The folks at Blackbird specialize in a type of bread that uses a levain to make the bread rise:

Levain is not only this traditional French bread’s name, but levain is actually a bread starter used as a leavening agent and sometimes called “wild yeast.” Acting in much the way yeast does, levain helps dough rise but also effects the flavor and characteristics of the Pain au Levain (bread of a wild yeast.) The essence of levain rests in patience. To make levain, water and flour are mixed together and allowed to sit for up to several days to develop flavor and strength as the starter is exposed to air and grows good fungus (this fungus actually keeps bad bacteria away making levain safe.) A well-ripened levain will be bubbly, and extremely elastic. Levain can be kept for years if fed often and maintained.

The levain cannot be bought, making levain unique to each baker who begins to cultivate this starter. Some are soupy, some are firm and tough. Theses differences ultimately effect the mildness or sourness, the weight, texture and look of the finished bread.

Read more about levain here.



In addition they make a variety of incredible baked goods, such as filled croissants (chocolate, apricot, raspberry, etc.), cream biscuits, cinnamon buns, pecan rolls, savory filled croissants, scones, and cookies.

blackbird 5And you can watch the busy bakers work.

blackbird2Stop here for a moment of silence for the chocolate chip cookies.  I read reviews of them before I tried them.  I wondered if any cookie could possibly rate that much devotion.  Yes – It – Can.  These cookies sell out quickly, but if you are fortunate to get to the bakery when there are still some left, the experience is indescribable.



What am I celebrating?

November 29, 2013

chocolateIt is National Chocolate Day.  Time to make candy for Christmas.  Time to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.  Time to bake chocolate chip cookies for your sweetie.

There is lots about the history of chocolate on Wikipedia, including the fact that chocolate, when eaten in moderation (ha!) can lower blood pressure.

What is your favorite chocolate treat?

From The Dessert Lovers Handbook (a vintage cookbook from my collection), here is a recipe for chocolate pudding.