Why am I looking forward to Saturday?

September 12, 2019

The second Saturday of September is Pie Day in Pie Town, New Mexico.  This small community (population 186) has earned a reputation for offering excellent pies for sale.  It started as a crossroads community – a stop for people traveling west – and is now popular with tourists. This Saturday is Pie Day.  I would like to stop by the Pie-O-Neer cafe where they serve pie, “that’s it.” It sounds like my kind of place.  Here is a story about the town at Cowboys & Indians magazine.


  1. I’m packed and ready to go. Did you see the photos of Pie Ranch? It’s just north of Santa Cruz. These places need to get together.

    • Ah . . . I will have to seek out other such places of pie. In my experience they are always worth the effort spent in discovery. I may compile a catalog of pie . . . Moody’s Diner Waldoboro, Maine; the entire town of Julian, California, etc.

      • I’ve also been to Julian for Apple Pie. Catalog of pies yes! I saw a PBS or food channel show on where to get the best pies. But I like the idea of places with pie in there name.

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