Why am I saying, “look what we take for granite?”

June 18, 2018

Milena Naef juxtaposes the manufactured shapes of marble slabs with the organic forms of the human figure in her performative sculptural works. In her series ‘Fleeting Parts,’ the artist removes portions of Cristallina marble to create openings that are perfectly shaped to allow arms, legs, and torsos to emerge.

Naef, who lives and works in Amsterdam, describes her work in a statement: “Once tangible, the interaction with the concrete material allows for a space to ‘open’ in which a given context can be changed. The body itself with its physical presence and its absence becomes a vital aspect of the work. When do structures inhibit or liberate us and our physical form? What is the consequence of the fact that our bodies are always ‘filling space’?”

Ref: This is Colossal


  1. Michelangelo commented that the artist does not carve a figure from the stone, he removes the covering from the figure residing in the stone. If you ever have the opportunity to view the Pieta sculpture, you will believe his statement is fact. no human could capture the emotions expressed in that sculpture, it must have been inside the stone…

  2. Experiencing the genius of Michelangelo in person is something I will have to look forward to. Thanks for your insights.

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