How am I swimming?

May 1, 2018

This was filmed at my water aerobics class!

Or maybe you can find more information at Colossal.

It is tattoo Tuesday . . .



  1. Breath taking! Really. Beautiful however I worried about her catching her breath. Must watch again.
    So your goal at water aerobics is to swim like that?

    • I also became short of breath just watching her – and what do you mean “my goal?” Why do you not think that I swim like that already? 😉

      • Oh so sorry 😐 I as well The 2020 Olympic is on the horizon

      • See you there – in the pool!

      • 🐬🐠🐬

  2. All of my life I swam like a fish. I obviously didn’t do it properly. Where I went there were cavitation bubbles.

    • As Carol says, “breathtaking.”

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