What am I noting today?

March 26, 2018

Today is National Spinach Day, or as I say, at least it’s not kale.


  1. Fantastic! The Popeye cartoon brings back memories. I’m not too terribly old, but I remember watching it in black-and-white. Eek.

    About spinach then – do you like? For sure more versatile than kale.

    Appreciate that you circled back to food for fun for the Lane Cake even after my being gone for a while. Love that the same community is still here. You are kind to visit.

    • I actually do like spinach. Just enjoyed a spinach salad for lunch. My favorite spinach lunch combo is probably roast turkey, boursin cheese, and baby spinach on multi-grain bread. Yummy. When I was a kid, however, I just did not understand Popeye’s affection for the vegetable – probably because I had only experienced canned spinach at that point – bleck.

      I love the old recipes – thanks for your posts.

      • Thank you for being there 🙂 Spinach good, yes, and am impressed by your palette. Boursin cheese, roast turkey, baby spinach, and multi-grain bread, fantastic!!! Down with canned spinach for sure

      • 🙂

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