Why am I stamp collecting?

January 25, 2017


Artist Diana Beltran Herrera has combined her love of nature her fascination with postage stamps in these creations.  The oversized representations of stamps are made entirely of cut paper – fashioned into intricate and accurate depictions of  birds, flowers and leaves.

“I always felt inspired by postage stamps as they are little windows of the world,” said Herrera to Colossal, “specifically those that contain birds which are often traveling around the word. I have collected a few and I felt that I wanted to open those stamps to a much more realistic scale to learn more about that particular animal and its landscape.”


dianabh16_01 dianabh16_02





More of Herrera’s work is here.

Ref: Collosal


  1. Pretty

    • Again, the artist is at least a little OCD, but I admire the product. Thanks.

  2. Wow. Way more patient than I am. Beautiful, and thanks for bringing her work to my attention.

    • I’m glad you like it.

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