Where am I reading this time?

October 20, 2016


I love repurposed living spaces, such as this barn turned reading room and guest cottage.  I think it shows great design sensibilities and is a supremely livable space. I want to see what is behind that door – and to curl up in the poofy chair.


From Bookshelf roundup

full story at house and garden

photos by Paul Massey


  1. I know you would have loved the old house in Carlisle because that was the abode of books but Grandad’s shed housed all the Howard Pease and Edgar Rice Burroughs books a trapeeze and a very nice potbellied stove and skylights and drinking water rain barrels stored under the first two downspouts.

    He wasn’t my grandfather. He was my mother’s grandfather. Every single day he awoke, dressed in a pressed white shirt with tie and had breakfast and then he headed down the path to his place where he settled in with the New York Times and was kind enough to tolerate me and my sister while my dad was in Vietnam.

    It was, an altogether alluring place that nobody was welcome in without his permission. He died, aged 102, shortly before my 11th birthday.

    I think you would have liked him. He was a Nursery man along with most of his brothers. They grew and provided plants to the Great Estates in the Hudson River Valley and New York. Uncle Allie and Uncle Marshall kept peacocks. My great grand dad ‘looked after’ the chickens that my grandfather’s patients gave him in lieu of money they didn’t have as payment for him making the rounds in central Pennsylvania…with me and my sister. He’d put them in the trunk and carry them home where they went into the chicken roost right next to grand dad’s shed. Funny how the foxes got to them.

    Still, there was never a chicken bone to be seen either in the barn or the shed.

    Very cool place in the photographs.

    • It sounds like a magical place – very much of its time and irreplaceable, sdaly.

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