What 95th anniversary am I noting today?

May 11, 2016


“The Hostess CupCake was first sold on May 11, 1919. According to author Andrew F. Smith, it was the first commercially produced cupcake, originally produced by the Taggart Bakery as the Chocolate Cup Cake.


Originally, two cupcakes were sold for five cents. Different flavors were offered during the early years, including cupcakes topped with vanilla or malted milk flavored icing. During the 1940s, an orange flavored cupcake was developed, with orange cake and icing. [Orange is still one of the standard flavors. I cannot imagine why.] But until 1950, the Hostess CupCake did not have any filling or the white squiggly line across the top.” – Wikipedia


Occasionally Hostess CupCakes are offered in different flavors such as dark chocolate raspberry, chocolate covered strawberry (pink cake), and red velvet, which has become a standard flavor.

How well do you know Hostess CupCakes?  Go here for a quiz about them on PopSugar.


I am at a loss to explain why the word “touchdown” was used to promote baseball cupcakes.


  1. Fun to know. Also,Today is Nationwl Twlight Zone day!!

    • Doo-di-doo-doo. Doo-di-doo-doo.
      Twilight Zone – that was scary stuff.

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