Whose birthday am I celebrating?

October 15, 2015

VirgilHappy  Birthday to Publius Vergilius Maro, born this day in 70 BC in Lombardy, Italy.  Virgil was a classical Roman poet, best known for three major works—the Eclogues (or Bucolics), the Georgics, and the Aeneid. The son of a farmer, Virgil came to be regarded as one of Rome’s greatest poets. His Aeneid can be considered a national epic of Rome and has been extremely popular from its publication to the present day.  Reference  (That’s Virgil in the middle up above between Clio and Melpomene)


Virgil is also characterized by having his nose missing in many of his portraits –


virgil2a coincidence? – maybe not . . .



One comment

  1. I don’t know. This is too much like measuring tiles. “When was the Roman calendar created?

    Before 45 BC, the Roman calendar was a mess, and much of our so-called “knowledge” about it seems to be little more than guesswork. Originally, the year started on 1 March and consisted of only 304 days or 10 months (Martius, Aprilis, Maius, Junius, Quintilis, Sextilis, September, October, November, and December).
    The Roman calendar
    Search for: When was the Roman calendar created

    …born on the fourth day of Gus in month of Gustibus in the Year of Adolphus and the Decade of Flying Fish.

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