Where am I living?

July 23, 2015


Tree house architect, Takashi Kobayashi, created this marvelous tree house for Risonare resort in Atami, Japan.

The rambling structure is built around a 300 year-old camphor tree.  It was  . . .

Completed in March of 2014, Kusukusu (it borrows its name from kusu-no-ki, Japanese for camphor tree) is a marvelous feat of architecture, engineering and technology. Working with Hiroshi Nakamura of NAP Architects, the team came in and 3D-scanned hundreds of points on the tree. Based on that 3D data they then created a steel trellis that threaded through the tree, interlocking perfectly and acting as an architecturally weight-bearing yet visually stunning support system. What’s amazing is that the treehouse in its entirety, never touches the tree. It’s completely self-standing so as to not harm the tree.

READ MORE at Spoon and Tomago by clicking here.






  1. Do you watch Treehouse Masters on the Animal planet channel. It shows this team building things like this. You’d love it.

    • We don’t have cable – but I have always been fascinated by tree houses. When I was young I found a board and tied it onto our tree with rope, added a ladder and I had a private, shady spot to read.
      I did dream of something grander, however.

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