Why am I glad I was not invited to the 111th Explorers Club Dinner?

March 23, 2015

I have always wanted to attend.  I fantasized myself being an intrepid explorer such as Osa Johnson (I Married Adventure).

Osa ZebraI figured that kind of lifestyle would garner me an invitation to the Explorers Club where I could hobnob with people such as Sylvia Earle, Sir Edmund Hillary, and Robert Ballard.

This year, however, I am happy to give the dinner a pass.  The menu, always somewhat exotic in nature, this year featured an array of insects and other arthropods.

fried-tarantulaThese are fried tarantulas and the red powder is paprika.

Give me a good old steamed lobster any day.

There is more to the story here.

Photo credit: Megan Gannon/Live Science



  1. Could have been zebra….


    Spotted owl.

    • But, of course, they all taste like Burmese python – or something like that.

  2. I’m certain they were delish.

    • You can have my share!

  3. Cheese. Burger and fried tralanchala might be okay. Was there a lot of taquilla?

    • I hope they had a lot to drink. I don’t think I could even be in the same room with those spiders!

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