What am I sappy bear blogging?

January 16, 2015

big bear3

When I was a kid, wolves were the beasts that haunted my nightmares.  Recurring nightmares about tricky wolves; wolves that wore blue overalls.  I think Looney Tunes has a lot to answer for.

big bear4

When I got older I realized that the critter above could be the real nightmare. Then I read about this guy.

big bear

big bear1

big bear 2

The giant short-faced bear kind of blows any other bears right out of the water. This gigantic bear stood about 6.5 feet while on all four legs and was about 11-12 feet tall when standing upright on its hind legs.  Evidence of members of this bear family are found in both North and South America.  It was truly an impressive creature.  Fossil evidence indicates that humans did not move into this bear’s environment until after its extinction.  It also seems to have been the alpha predator because of the lack of fossil evidence for other large carnivores such as lions and scimitar cats in areas where short-faced bear traces are found.

I love bears, albeit with the greatest respect.  I would not want to meet this one.

More here on twilightbeasts.



  1. It’s funny, the Parks Department bans weapons in the bear zones. Srsly, they are no gun zones.

    I’m never ever going there without a .45 and I think one magazine would be enough to discourage bears of any face.

  2. Coyotes were scary. I watched one flow over a six foot fence in my side yard following a neighbors dog. It flew by the window in front of me. Small children could be gone in the blink of an eye.
    You just know that somewhere there is a progressive who wants to bring back the short face And velociraptors because that’s what they do.

    • Ooo, I guess coyotes are scary, too. I do think, though, that large predators would help ameliorate the suburban deer problem.

  3. Today I saw a stat online that said 1in5 children who post online are eaten by Grizzly bears. How do they know that? 🙂

    • Shoo, shoo, I say, scat!

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