On what jury am I serving?

January 14, 2015


Judging (sorry) by the results of this NYT quiz, I am not likely to be chosen as a member of a jury.

Actually, I have served on juries in the past – on a civil case and on a federal discrimination case.  I thought the experience was interesting.

The last time I was called by the Court of Common Pleas, I was not chosen – but still had to sit around all week.  However, it was spring and we had long lunch hours and I could sit and eat my lunch in the Library’s reading garden.  It was okay.

Thanks for the quiz reference to Rantings of an Amateur Chef, who I follow mostly for his recipes.



  1. I got the boot too. I have been called many times but never served. I usually had to send them a polite note saying my Uncle Sam required me elsewhere although I did laugh at the two summons that showed up in my FPO mail in the Gulf. The one time I went it was surreal.

    • Tell me about the surreal.

  2. I never get to serve. They ask about my degree, or my field of expertise, or whether any family have been hurt due to x or y, and I’m out the door in short order. The sad part is I’m one of the people who would _like_ to serve….

    • The selection process is an interesting balance by the lawyers. Too bad that people who would make intelligent decisions are often weeded out.

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