What am I eating/drinking?

October 25, 2014

rummy bears

Rummy Bears from Serious Eats ( Mark Falkowitz)

This is brilliant!  Why did I not think of this?  Think about jello shots . . . how much more fun with booze-infused gummy candies.

Here is the How To by Erin Zimmer:

Pour enough liquid over the gummies to completely immerse and cover them, with a little liquid peeking out on top. How long should they infuse? Many sources suggest three to four days in the fridge. We left them sitting out on the countertop and after a few hours, their little bear bellies swelled up and they already tasted pretty boozy. Between five to eight hours was the sweet spot for us to achieve the best squish. The bears will lose their firm chew and take on a texture of jiggly Jell-O. They should still be pleasantly squishy, not liquefied. Over-infuse them and they’ll just become a gelatinous mess of bear ooze.

I am on my way off to the candy store. Here are a few other delicacies to consider:

rummy bears2Gummy Coke Bottles in Jack Daniels

rummy bears3

Tequila Worms – forget the worm in the bottle and add your own gummy worms!

rummy bears4

And Little Green Apple Frogs in Vodka

Hа здоровье!


  1. What a brilliant ideer!

    • I agree!

  2. I have gummy worms for a Halloween cake. I’ll have to make some rummy, gummy worms.
    Tanx. 😉

    • It gets better and better!

      • The rummy worms were a big hit. I couldn’t even swallow one but a few folks sucked them down 😀
        Thanks I think 😉

      • That’s great! Thanks for letting me know. I have to get busy shopping.

  3. OK, I’m sold. I know a place to buy gummy bears and vodka.

    • Let’s go!

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