Whose birthday am I celebrating?

March 22, 2014


On March 22, 2228, James Tiberius Kirk will be born in Riverside, Iowa.  This is a town that takes its future seriously.  There is a plaque in town to pre-commemorate the event and a starship graces the town square.



Read more about it here at Roadside America.

I missed tattoo Tuesday this week, so here is a freebie:



  1. He used to work for me early in the 24th century. He was always full of space stories that he’d want to share with us while we were supposed to be throwing black holes into Romulan space. Still, some of his tales were pretty amusing, if a little unbelievable.

    • You need to go easy on that Klingon gloch!

  2. Of course he will be an Aries!
    So have you been to Rivetside Iowa?

    • I’ve not been to Riverside, and was surprised at their incredibly proactive stance in honoring a native son and hero.

      • Hurrah for whimsy!!!

      • 🙂

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