And a big thank you to Mr. Kilometro

March 4, 2014

Enjoy vicariously the baked Alaska prepared for us at Tio Pepe. It was a wonderful dinner with Rethorical Questions, Word Tapestry, and HMS Defiant. DAS was also at the table, however he and Mr. Kilometro, who suggested the event, do not currently have a blog presence!

Rethorykal Questions

Thanks to a timely phone conversation, Word and I got to devour some of this….

… In the excellent company of Anne Bonney and her companions.


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  1. I’m inspired to get the our local bloggers together… I’ve never had Backed Alaska…is that what happens when 3 or more blogger get together-the dessert burst into flame? 😉
    Fun Party!!!

    • Go for it!

  2. I had a good time, even after I realized that the fire was between us and the only exit in the underground bunker style restaurant. Good food and great company!

    • In retrospect – there was a certain frisson of danger to the evening.

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