Why am I shivering?

February 22, 2014

This has been a cold, cold winter for us in the old Western Reserve, and elsewhere along the Great Lakes.  This story is from New Scientist.


Look out below! These people appear doomed by a gigantic overhead explosion. But they’re safe. The firework-like formations are actually icicles formed by huge waves that batter the Apostle Islands sea caves in the south-west corner of Lake Superior, just off the coast of Wisconsin.

The caves are normally inaccessible. But the exceptionally cold weather in the US this year has led to almost record coverage of ice over the Great Lakes, creating a safe route to the caves for the first time since 2009.

icecaves1Frosted Lakes

(Image: NOAA)

An estimated 10,000 visitors have trekked over since the route was declared safe by the US National Parks Service on 15 January.

The Parks Service says that access could remain until as late as March, but warns visitors to take no chances with creaky ice on the lake, and to beware falling ice if they do make it to the caves.


  1. It looks like a quick trip like no other from here in MetroParkCentralis. Drive on up to the lake front, onto the ice, west down Lake Erie, up the river and through the blight, across beautiful Lake St. Clair, up the channel into Lake Huron and on to Lake Superior. Probably wouldn’t take more than a few hours at the speeds we could get driving on ice. We could be there in no time.

    • Okay, I’m packed!

  2. I’ve had freezers that looked like that, 😉 close as I’ve come to ice caves. Now I know why you knit…

    • I find quilting is good, too, but I have to get it done during the cold months!

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