What am I sappy cat blogging?

May 3, 2013

doggy DNA

There is a company that is selling kits with which you can test your dog’s dna and figure out what is/are his or her breed/s.

I will point out that there is no need for a similar product for cats because, as we know so well . . .

cat royalty

All cats are royalty.


  1. Great picture! It’s funny. I looked at this on my iPad at the coffee shop and got both pictures but on my home computer the first image of the dogfood cats eat is smooshed. Weird.

  2. Oh sure, now the picture is there in full.

    • Better now – thanks!

  3. Great picture of the royal feline. Those are really cut cupids too!

    • The expression on the cat’s face says it all, I think.

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