Who am I dancing with?

April 29, 2013

knitted boyfriend

Designed by Dutch artist, Noortje de Keijze, who says, “my knitted boyfriend means you’ll always have someone to cuddle with.”

I think it is a stitch.  Impressive knitting, though.  I wonder what size needles she used?


  1. Fun! I know there are a lot of gals want that pattern!!!!

    • Isn’t that funny? – and a little bit creepy.

  2. Desperate times call for desperate measures! Cheap date! I wondered where NPR got its undercover investigative staff. It is better to not wonder about these things.

    • I can’t remember who the reporter was. I was driving and I heard the words knitting and just caught the end of the story. This was an art school project. I think it is so clever – and she also designed accessories for the doll so he can be personalized with glasses, a mustache, tattoos. It is a prodigious knitting project – I have trouble finishing sweaters, let alone a whole person cozy!

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