What am I collecting?

September 13, 2012

I was interested to read Why, Because Science’s recent post on awesome minerals.  I also had a geological experience just last weekend.  I attended a blingie bead trunk show with a friend, but was seduced by the beads that were fashioned from rocks and minerals.  Being struck helpless, I was forced to buy several specimens for my collection and they are:

From the left

Sardonyx – this really has a very nice chevron pattern that is difficult (impossible) to see in this photo

Gray Brecciated Jasper – with some quartz crystal inclusions


Petrified Wood Jasper

African Turqoise – I may turn this into a necklace – I really like it

Labradorite – this one shows a nice play of colors known as labradorescence

These are all beads and are drilled along the long axis, but I wanted them for my rock and mineral collection.  The largest pieces are 30 x 40 mm.

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