What am I not eating?

July 28, 2012

It seems that every day there is news about something else that is bad for us.  The internet is littered with news about what foods we should NEVER eat.  And it runs the gamut of things such as bananas, movie theater popcorn, and Chinese food (really?)

Here is Anne Bonney’s list of 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER EAT

1.  Right at the top is hemlock – natural, organic, deadly.

2.  Lima beans

3.  Fugu – that’s just silly

4.  Lentils – there’s no reason for lentils

5.  Polonium-laced sushi

6.  Celery – it’s like eating wet wood

7.  A cheeseburger between 2 Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Love you, Paula, but you can see where eating this got you

8.  Snails

9.  Duxelles aux Amanita phalloides

10.  Liver


  1. I made fried chicken liver and onion with eggplant it was yummy! But I promise to stay away from those mushrooms and puffer fish!

    • The onion and eggplant sound good – but you are strictly on your own with the liver! 🙂

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