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What was I nominated for?

May 29, 2012

I was recently nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award.  My thanks to J. G. Burdette (A Map of Time) for this honor.

According to the rules I am required to tell seven things about myself and to nominate fifteen outstanding bloggers for this award.

The Seven Things to know about Anne Bonney:

  1.  I tend to procrastinate.
  2.  That tendency drives me crazy.
  3.  I have no desire to ever go caving.
  4.  My favorite sports are wading and rock skipping.
  5.  My favorite color is midnight blue with stars.
  6.  I always make the bed – even in hotel rooms.
  7.  I am guilty of punning.

My nominations:

1. Hades Arrow

2. HMS Defiant

3. Jen Maan in Amman

4. Light Words

5. Idle Diffractions

6. Nobody Asked Me

7. Rethoryke

8. Word Tapestry

9. Deidra Alexander

10. Knitted Notes

11. Kevin at OCA Library

12. Art in Science

13. Zeitgeist in Design

14. Craig Hill

15. Edible Substance