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What Mutiny do I Commemorate Today?

April 28, 2014
April 28 is the anniversary of the Bounty mutiny.  Bligh’s biography written here, indicates he possessed  high level of seamanship and was a loyal officer.  These characteristics earned him respect.  His irascibility and unbending nature also brought him trouble.
He fought under Nelson and earned his praise.  In 1801, he was also elected a Fellow of the Royal Society for his contributions to navigation and botany.
After his naval career, he served as Governor of New South Wales and had a tumultuous career in Australia, as well, due to his hot temper and insistence on carrying out the law.  He was eventually promoted to Vice Admiral and his claims in New South Wales were granted to his estate, providing well for his heirs.
The mutiny occurred on this day in 1789, blamed on harsh treatment of the crew members. Did Bligh really deserve the disfavor that his crew and indeed history has heaped upon him?  Read more here.