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What am I celebrating today?

October 7, 2013


Today in the year 1542, Juan Cabrillo, or more correctly, João Rodrigues Cabrilho (he was Portugese, you see), first set foot on Santa Catalina Island.  He landed at what was to become California in September of that year, making him the first European visitor to the Golden State.

I applaud his choice, we had a great time last month in California, including a stop at Point Loma where the monument to Cabrillo (Cabrilho) is located.  The monument is under the management of the National Park Service, so maybe today is not the best day to visit.


Here are some of my photos from our trip:




down the Pt Loma Lighthouse staircase




What am I celebrating today?

August 7, 2013


August 7, 2013 has been designated by the US Senate as National Lighthouse and Lighthouse Preservation Day.  Your can read the proclamation here.

From the American Lighthouse Council:

The past and future of lighthouses will be celebrated on August 7, 2013, now federally designated as National Lighthouse and Lighthouse Preservation Day.

The designation came with the unanimous passage of a Senate resolution marking the date as the 224th anniversary of the federal government’s first public works act, the establishment of the Lighthouse Service as President George Washington signed the ninth act passed by the First Congress of the United States.

The resolution was submitted by Sens. Angus S. King Jr. and Susan Collins of Maine, using wording proposed by the American Lighthouse Council. In the House, Rep. Brian Higgins of Buffalo, NY, read the text into the Congressional Record.

I recommend for your lighthouse reading, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Wife, by Connie Small.  I mentioned in a earlier post that I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Small a number of years ago, when she was on a book tour and was participating on a panel on successful aging (!) given for medical students. I found her to be charming. Mrs. Small passed away in 2005 at the successful age of 103.

She and her husband, Keeper Elson Small, lived at several offshore lighthouses in Maine between 1920 and 1946, including Lubec Channel Light (1920-1922), Avery Rock Light (1922-1926), Sequin Island Light (1926-1930), and St. Croix River Light (1930-1946).  During this time the lighthouse keepers were all men, but their wives were very much partners in the enterprise.


The lighthouse pictured at the top of the post is Pemaquid Point. It is my favorite, but don’t go there.  It’s mine.


Whose birthday am I celebrating today?

September 14, 2012

Happy birthday to Boston Harbor Lighthouse – the first lighthouse to be built in what is now the United States of America – it was first lit on September 14, 1716.  I was interested to learn that it is the only US lighthouse that still has an official keeper.  It was built to guide the way into Boston Harbor – already an important commercial port in the early 1700s – it was financed by a tax on the tonnage arriving at the harbor.

Located on Little Brewster Island in Boston’s outer harbor, it is a National Historic Landmark and an active U. S. Coast Guard aid to navigation.

Ref. Boston Lighthouse History