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Where am I living?

March 26, 2014

Earlier today I was looking for news about development plans for the lakefront of Lake Erie and I found this cool site . . .



. . . for Lake Erie Floating Homes  – what fun!


Last year we were able to take a February vacation to Florida.  One of our stops was on Marathon Key where we stayed overnight in a houseboat.  Granted, it was tied to the dock, but it had comfy chairs on the deck and we watched the moon and stars on the water.  Altogether a delightful experience.

These Lake Erie homes are closer to home, but I would guess are definitely seasonal.

Here are a couple of shots of the lake taken earlier this month.


Yes, that is the frozen lake.


This is by the marina in Rocky River.

Actually I have a terrific idea for a future lakefront park.  I think it would be super to have a model of the Great Lakes done up as ponds with their outline and contour visible.  Both educational and fun!