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What game am I playing today?

January 20, 2014


The game Scrabble has a history dating back to at least 1938, when a board game based on Lexiko (which had no board) was designed by Alfred Butts, an architect living New York. Butts did an analysis of the frequency of letters in the English language to determine how many tiles of each letter should be included in the game.  Here is his tally sheet.

scrabble1(from Wiki)

The game passed from company to company, and varied in design.  It had been around in the US for a while, but was sold for this first time in Australia and the UK on January 19, 1955.

Scrabble remains a popular game, now with on-line versions available.  The game is available in 31 different languages including Afrikaans and Croatian.  The tiles below represent neither of those languages.

scrabble 5

Scrabble has been the influence for a number of different products over the years, such as those below:


scrabble 8

scrabble 7

scrabble 6