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What am I sappy squirrel blogging?

June 28, 2019


What am I sappy cat blogging?

June 21, 2019


What’s your sign?

June 19, 2019


What is tattoo Tuesday about?

June 18, 2019

It is International Sushi Day


What am I bakery blogging?

June 17, 2019

I have a new favorite bakery – it is at my house.  This is a puff-pastry, mixed berry galette I made yesterday.  I defrosted too much puff pastry so I had to make cherry turnovers, too.


I made this

June 16, 2019


It is Flag Day

June 14, 2019

On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress replaced the British symbols of the Grand Union flag with a new design featuring 13 white stars in a circle on a field of blue and 13 red and white stripes – one for each state. Although it is not certain, this flag may have been made by the Philadelphia seamstress Betsy Ross, who was an official flag maker for the Pennsylvania Navy. The number of stars increased as the new states entered the Union, but the number of stripes stopped at 15 and was later returned to 13.

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