I had no idea

December 27, 2022

This is a Russian Tea Biscuit.

I grew up in a suburb on the east side of Cleveland where we had a plethora of independent, and excellent, bakeries. Russian Tea Biscuits were a part of the bakery scene.

It was not until recently that I read that the large (massive) pastries were unknown outside of Cleveland.

People talk about Russian Tea Cakes . . .

These are from Betty Crocker – and are in my vintage Betty Crocker Cookbook.

These are Russian Tea Cookies . . .

Not even close.

These are also “Russian Tea Biscuits” . . .

Similar, but tiny. These are what I would call rugelach, a pastry relative.

The REAL Russian Tea Biscuits are large, ~3″ x 4.”

Here’s the whole story from Washington Jewish Week. I get mine at Davis Bakery, or The Stone Oven.


  1. glad I went to the source and found the recipe

  2. Enjoy!

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