Did you know

June 28, 2022

Today is Paul Bunyan Day – the folk hero who carved the Grand Canyon with his ax, pushed up mountains while wrestling with his blue ox, Babe, and formed the Mississippi River when his canteen sprang a leak.

Paul Bunyan statues and legends can be found across America, but we know that he really was from Bangor, Maine.

  • One legend says that Paul Bunyan was 63 ax handles tall, while Babe was 42 ax handles tall
  • Paul’s frying pan covered one acre
  • It took a crow one day to fly from the tip of one of Babes horns to the other
  • Paul carved out the Great Lakes so that Babe could have watering holes for drinking water
  • One winter, all the snowflakes were blue and this changed the color of Babe permanently to blue

This thirty-one foot high statue of Paul can be found in Bangor, Maine.

It’s Tattoo Tuesday

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