Snickers, gum balls, COVID test

January 5, 2022

The first vending machine, it is said, was developed by a Greek engineer named Hero of Alexandria. He created a simple machine that accepted coins and dispensed holy water. The age of industrialization prompted the creation of many other vending machines. Some sold tobacco in taverns. One English bookseller developed a machine in 1822 that sold banned books.

More and more vending machines appeared selling soft drinks in bottles or cups, racy postcards, stationery, gum balls and other snacks.

And COVID-test kits – not sold, but provided for students, faculty and staff members (at Fancy Pants University.)

If you find yourself in Cedar Creek, Texas, you can buy a full size pecan pie in a vending machine at the Berdoll Pecan Farm.

And in Heuvelland, Belgium you can find this potato vending machine. So you will never run out.

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