Something to consider

January 12, 2021

My sister-in-law told me they were considering getting solar panels for their roof. I looked at the overcast January sky and did not comment. But as I was reading my emails, Matt Ridley’s blog post looked to be related to the topic.

“If you judge by the images used to illustrate reports about energy, ” he writes,”the world now runs mainly on wind and solar power. It comes as a shock to look up the numbers. In 2019 wind and solar between them supplied just 1.5 percent of the world’s energy consumption. Hydro supplied 2.6 percent, nuclear 1.7 percent, and all the rest — 94 percent — came from burning things: coal, oil, gas, wood, and biofuels.”

Read the entire article here, while I go look up what molten-salt fusion is.

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