What am I noting today?

January 5, 2021

Today is Whipped Cream Day and, for me, talking about whipped cream always calls up memories of Boukair’s Restaurant on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland. When I was young that was the place to go for fancy ice cream sundaes topped with a mountain of real whipped cream. The sundaes were served in pedestal glass dishes in different colors – they were magical.

I am trying to remember my favorite.
I don’t think we every ate a meal there – just went straight for the ice cream.

In writing this post I was looking online for information about whipped cream and came across a number of recipes on how to make it – really?! It’s cream. You whip it up.

Actually my sister-in-law is the subject of one of my favorite stories. She was making Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family one year and was multi-tasking. She had heavy cream in the mixer that was destined to be whipped cream for the pies for dessert. She got distracted and the cream over-whipped, but without missing a beat, we had fresh whipped butter for our mashed potatoes that night.

It is also Tattoo Tuesday.

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