What – another hairy story?!

December 21, 2020

Photographer Davin Weiller captured this video of a monkey slug caterpillar in Puya, Ecuador. It disguises itself as an eight-legged, hairy tarantula.

Okay, the South American rain forest is another place that is on my anti-bucket list. Never going there.

A number of years ago I read the book, I Married Adventure, by Osa Johnson. In the book she recounts the adventures she and her husband (a photographer) had in their travels to Borneo, the Congo, and other unusual places for a young wife from Kansas to find herself. I think it was in Borneo that a 3 inch long leech dropped from a tree and attached itself to her neck – so lightly that at first she was not aware of it. I still shudder. Never going there either.

If you are unfamiliar with the book, I recommend it. It is interesting, readable and, even though she is telling about events that happened in 1940 the narrative holds up.


  1. I can still hear the SEAL Commander scream as he encounters a huge centipede in his sleeping bag on the dining room floor. When it didn’t die instantly after the commodore stepped on it in full booted uniform, well it was still hilarious. Only captains got the beds, the commanders and lieutenants got the floor……..in sleeping bags.

  2. Eeeeek!

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