A walk in the woods, part 2

April 12, 2020

Closer to home there is the Shaker Nature Center with its new, improved boardwalk that is a pleasure to walk.  While compact in size, it covers a  wetland marsh (with red wing blackbirds that nest in the cattails – they have just returned to the area), and a creek that connects a series of lakes developed by the Shakers, who settled in this area, for their mills.

The area is also on a migratory path for birds such as cedar waxwings, warblers, Virginia creepers, wrens, Canada geese, and mallard ducks.  We have also seen buffleheads, coots, mergansers and occasionally a loon.  Turkey buzzards are a pretty common sight, as are red-tailed hawks.  A surprise this weekend was a bald eagle soaring overhead.  I know they nest along Lake Erie, but this is the city dog-gone it! It was a thrill and he gave a good show.

enlarge this photo and you will see a bunch of little fish in the stream

If you enlarge this photo (a lot) you can make out the eagle’s white head and tail – near the daytime moon.

In this area, all of our dogs can read.

On the way back home, we saw a turkey.  Again, a first for me to see here in the burbs. I am glad they are in the park!


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