What am I sappy cat blogging, special edition

April 9, 2018

In the Rheology Bulletin, 83(2) July, 2014, M.A. Fardin from the University of Lyon conducted a study in which he explored the rheological nature of cats concluding that cats can be either liquid or solid depending on their container . . . as described in this excerpt.

FIG.1:(a) A cat appears as a solid material with a consistent shape rotating and bouncing, like Silly Putty on short timescales. We have De >>1 because the time of observation is under a second. (b)At longer timescales, a cat flows and fills an empty wineglass. In this case we have De <<1. In both cases, even if the samples are different, we can estimate the relaxation time to be in the range τ=1s to 1min. (c-d) For older cats, we can also introduce a characteristic time of expansion and distinguish between liquid (c) and gaseous (d) feline states.[(a)Courtesy of http://cat-bounce.com, (b) http://www.dweebist.com/2009/07/kitten-in-wine-glass/, (c) http://imgur.com/gallery/UuNSR, (d) http://imgur.com/s7JtV%5D
Rheology is, of course, the study of the flow of a material (in this case, cats).  The paper goes on the describe attributes such as the low affinity between cats and water surfaces, the spreading of a cat on a rough surface, and spontaneous rotation of a cat in cylindrical jar.
see the full article here


  1. Cats, almost ineffable.

    • Wouldn’t be as much fun if they were effable, hmmm?

  2. That’s funny – new perspective for sure. You have cats? My family has two and they crack us up. Such a different species. Hadn’t considered their “flow” but you make an excellent point 🙂

    • We have two large Maine Coon cats. They crack us up, too. They are sweet and loving and just goofballs sometimes!

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