Why am I saying “chirp?”

May 9, 2017

The robin family that has been nesting over our back door down spout has successfully hatched three or four chicks.  This happened when we were out of town last week, so they had quiet family time while we were away.

Last year they tried twice to raise a family, but raccoons got the eggs both times.

If you look closely, you can see the nest looks kind of like a duplex because the robins built a brand new nest right on top of last year’s.

The chicks are getting pretty big.  I’ll bet they will fledge soon.  Nice.


  1. Hope the raccoons leaves this family alone.

    • Fingers crossed . . . the birds seem to be good parents, but are no match for raccoons.

      • Can the critters climb that high?

      • Yes! Last year my neighbor saw a raccoon climbing down the downspout from the roof headed for the nest 😦
        They are pretty agile.

      • 😱 oh my!

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