What do I wish for Valentine’s Day?

February 14, 2017


According to Nestle research, “KITKAT is widely known for being a ‘Good Luck Charm for Students Taking Entrance Exams’.  KITKAT naturally became a booster for students taking entrance exams in Kyushu since the name sounds like ‘Kitto katsu to!’, (Win for sure!) in the Kyushu dialect. Around 2002, the practice spread by word-of-mouth among students across the country.”

When it comes to integrating candy and culture, KITKAT Japan is brilliant.  Some of the flavors and packaging available only in Japan include:


Rum Raisin


Purple Sweet Potato




White Chocolate Wasabi


Red Bean and White Chocolate with a Maple Leaf design


Strawberry Cheesecake packaged in a replica of Mt. Fuji

Probably my favorite, however, are these limited edition creations crafted from fruit flavored KITKAT and crispy rice in the form of sushi.  These are available at the new KITKAT Chocolatory on the Ginza. Using ingredients like raspberry for maguro (tuna), melon mascarpone cheese for uni (sea urchin) and pumpkin for tamago (egg), the company has created 3 series of replica sushi treats that replaces the rice with a rice crispy treat-like base.



Ref: Spoon & Tamago and the KITKAT Japan sites


  1. Sweet!!! Who knew! 🙂

    • No tattoo this week – just KitKats!

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