What am I sappy kangaroo blogging?

January 27, 2017


“Two juvenile western gray kangaroos are leaning toward independence at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s Australian Adventure.

They were born to mothers Mieehi and Niley around last Valentine’s Day and have been pouch-bound until last fall.

One left the pouch for good around Jan. 3. The second oldest of the unnamed newbies is still going in the pouch but is growing more independent by the day.

Three others were born in May and remain pouch potatoes. Since Australian Adventure opened in 2000, 34 western gray kangaroos have been born at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

All kangaroos are marsupials. Babies, called joeys, are born very small and continue their development in their mother’s pouch. Gray kangaroos spend about eight months in the pouch before poking their heads out. Joeys then spend about a month and a half going in and out of the pouch before being completely independent. Gray kangaroos are one of the seven species of marsupials housed in Australian Adventure and have access to their outdoor yard throughout the winter.

Western gray kangaroo Macropus fulginosus: The head-to-tail length of the western gray kangaroo ranges from 37 inches to 87 inches for males, and from 38 inches to 68 inches for females. Weight ranges from 66 to 118 pounds in males, and from 10 to 60 pounds in females.”

-J. Ewinger, The Plain Dealer


  1. I saw a kangaroos swimming video today. So cute I’ll see if I can find it for you n

    • I would love to see it!

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