What are my snapshots of San Francisco about?

June 30, 2016

Treasure issland entry

We were recently in the San Francisco area.  Coming into town, through a serendipitous wrong turn, we wound up on Treasure Island.  The island and its art deco Administration Building were built for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition.  After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the island became a Naval base.  In 1993 the naval station was closed and the island reverted to the city.  The Administration Building is a national historical landmark and there is some talk of renovating the site as a museum.


Above is another photograph of the Administration Building – not taken by me, but I cannot find the photographer’s name in order to give credit.

Other remnants of the Fair remain, such as these two sculptures by Jacques Schneier.

treasure island sculpture2

treasure island sculpture

We also spent time in Berkeley.  We visited friends and family, ate pie and Brazilian food, and spent time shopping on 4th Street. We had occasion to stop in at the lovely North Berkeley Library branch. (I wanted to print our boarding passes.)

asilomar berkeley library ceiling

This is the ceiling in the lobby area.

asilomar berkeley library

asilomar berkeley library tiles

The front facade (above) and a detail of tiles inset on the building.

asilomar oakland preservation park

Nearby Oakland has saved a number of historic houses and has moved them to an area called, “Preservation Park.”

These homes from the Victorian era have been renovated and are in use as offices, commercial enterprises, and include a meeting center and conference space.

asilomar bulb cailofrnia poppoies

We also visited the beach area called “The Bulb” right across the Bay from  downtown San Francisco in Albany.

These are California poppies (above), and wild fennel below.

The Bulb is also landfill that has been turned into a wonderful beach and recreation area.


I was fortunate to spend the afternoon with a famous blogger!


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