What am I reading?

May 24, 2016


May 23  is the birthday of Margaret Wise Brown, who wrote the iconic children’s book, Goodnight Moon, and a hundred other titles.

Her professional career was influenced by her work at the Bank Street Experimental School in New York City.  This was a time of intense interest in the intellectual development of children. It was there that she began writing children’s books.

Brown was born in 1910 in Brooklyn, New York.  As she matured, she developed a wonderfully independent lifestyle.  She maintained a house in Maine where she would leave champagne bottles on the paths around her house and would skinny dip off her dock to the delight of the local fisherman.  (I cannot imaging skinny dipping in any water I have experienced in Maine.)

Although Brown had no children of her own, I think it was her open-eyed and child-like enthusiasm for life that led to her success in writing for children.  She died too young, from an embolism after an appendicitis – on the eve of her engagement.


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