What am I celebrating on tattoo Tuesday?

April 19, 2016


Today is National Garlic Day – a tribute to the “stinking rose.”  Garlic, or Allium savitum, is related to onions, shallots and leeks.  It has many varieties – some of which naturalize – just like those in my front flower bed!

China is the world’s largest producer of garlic followed by India, South Korea and Egypt. Garlic grows in every state in the US except Alaska.  The town of Gilroy, California dubs itself the Garlic Capital of the World and hold a festival every year.  My town celebrates with the Garlic Festival at the North Union Farmers Market in August.

garlic tattoo


  1. Your comment about naturalizing and flowerbeds made me think of that old gardening standard “Roses Love Garlic”. (or, at least according to many sources, aphids hate garlic, so roses benefit)

    • Let me know if you need some – garlic!

      • Hahaha. We do have roses, and we do like garlic. I think our neighbors would think we were insane.

      • But so fragrant!

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