What am I flying?

April 14, 2016

kite historyAccording to my calendar this is Go Fly a Kite day.  Kites were, it is said, invented in China over 2000 years ago, where there were ample resources for kite building such as silk and bamboo.

Marco Polo in 1295 was one of the first people to document kite construction and use.

Kites have been employed throughout history for purposes of military strategy, in the 18th century they were used by meteorologists in weather forecasting, and for scientific experimentation by Ben Franklin.

Kite flying remains a popular pastime today and I found photographs of many interesting ones.

kite whale

kite star

kite shark

kite floweer

kite bird

If you got this far  in the post, I will just say, “gotcha” because this kite is really a bird, a swallow tailed kite, or Elanoides forficatus


  1. What an interesting calendar you have !

    • 🙂

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