What am I celebrating on tattoo Tuesday?

February 2, 2016

Happy Groundhog Day – or Whistle Pig Day!

From the video, you can see why they are sometimes called whistle pigs.

Woodchucks got their name from the Algonquins who called them “wuchak” or “digger.”   Woodchuck is a corruption of the Algonquin name. These large ground squirrels (Marmota monax) are also known as whistlers, ground pigs, thickwood badgers, and monax.  Baby woodchucks are called chucklings.

February 2 is also known as Candlemas and falls 40 days after Christmas. Lots of other ancient holidays and observances take place in the early part of February – probably when everyone is weary of the long, dark nights and has hopes for an early spring.



  1. Nice write up for Feb 2. People will put anything on their body!!!

    • Thanks – and yes, I am finding that is true about the tattooed.

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